Sticks & Strings vol. 1

by Fuzzy Cracklins Presents

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Fuzzy Cracklins Presents the best of the underground two-piece scene. Each of these bands has two members. One is hitting the drums or programming a drumpad, and the other person is wielding a guitar or bass. You can't beat the pure energy of a sticks & strings setup, and you get nearly two hours of the heaviest tracks from all over the world and from many different genres.

All profits go to promoting the musicians.

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released February 1, 2019

🙏🙏 A big THANK YOU to each of the bands on this album for granting their permission for their music to be included on this album. All profits go to promoting the musicians.

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Dos Brujos (Austria)
100% fresh metal jams every time from their beer-filled hidden lair. Dos Brujos is the band Fuzzy was listening to when he had the idea to make a comp of all underground sticks & strings duos. New albums drop several times a month on Fridays to get your weekend started right.

Dead Panda (USA)
Dead Panda only just burst onto the underground music scene but their fuzzed-out punk surf sound has made its mark. One of this pair of brothers is the solo musician behind the riffmaker Crushing Yellow Sun.

Red Beard Wall (USA)
Red Beard Wall sings like an angel and screams like a banshee. Fuzzy dares you to tag the high-octane groovy sludgy doom metal of Red Beard Wall with a one-word genre. ALL HAIL!!

Cormano (Argentina)
Cormano is based in Buenos Aires, Argentina. A mix of stoner riffs, doom, heavy metal, hardcore with jazz and funk. The songs are all improvisations and they are never played again like the first time, and some are played only once. New album to be released soon.

Cortége (USA)
This heavy post-Western rock is created by a bass, Moog, Mellotron, and tubular bells under the control of Mike, with Adrian handling the drums.

Unknown Nobodies (USA)
An alt-rock duo from nowhere hiding inside Baltimore.

Arsis Thesis (USA)
The two brothers hail from Houston TX, and have played and performed together for most of their lives. The guitar and drum duo's use of massive dynamic changes, and use of daunting sonic shifts create doom explorations that only a two-piece could manufacture. Arsis Thesis' debut EP entitled "Pangea" will be released in early 2019.

Powerful, viscous and hypnotic riffs immerse you in history from occult rituals to deep space. This is their debut album.

Pleasant Valley (USA)
Father and son duo rocking fuzzed-out psychedelic-soul from the backwoods of the heavy South. Their track Communion was featured in the 2014 horror film Death to the World.


LáGoon (USA)
These Portland skaters carve their decks straight into punk with some psych pops and doom flips added in just because they can.

Eats Batteries (USA)
Seattle duo serving up volcanic bass fuzz, thunderous drum cannons, and radtastic sandwiches.

Them Fixes (USA)
Two dudes steeped in Nashville dive bars striving to climb new sonic heights by combining minimalist ingenuity, copious amounts of energy, and riff oriented rock.

Moonhunter (Australia)
Part punk, part alternative, all full force energy from this down-under duo.

Youth & Canvas (USA)
Another duo from Austin (so is Cortége), these guys turn up the riff-o-meter on the blues until you can't help but get up and boogie.

Mephedrone (Canada)
Brothers from the Canadian midwest. Mephedrone does not encourage the usage of bath salts, but encourages you to listen to their music, which makes you feel like you’re on them. Ride down the Sunshine Valley!

Sugar Skulls & Marigolds (USA)
High-energy instrumental atmospheric post-metal Denver. Brothers Danny and Andrew Aranow write complex, colorful, heavy songs with face-melting catchy guitar riffs and crushing drums.

Serendipia (Spain)
The Spanish rock duo of Adri Valle on guitars and vocals, with Sito Arnau on drums.


Radiant Knife
Progressive doom metal duo from Lafayette, Louisiana. Radiant Knife creates heavy aural trips tangled in a web of off timings, layered psychedelic synth/vocal textures, and drumming.

Trillion (Australia)
Big guitar sound as if the last 20 years never happened. Now a larger band so Fuzzy was lucky to catch them while they were a duo.

Doctor Tea vs The Retinal Circus (UK)
Doc Tea is back! He never fails to deliver with his high-energy trippy tracks with killer samples.


Bardo (Mexico)
Formada durante 2016 en San Luis Potosí, México. Por Iván Figueroa en el bajo y la voz y Carlos Vela en la batería. Integra sonidos del doom y el sludge de la vieja escuela en una composición cruda y minimalista. Graves hipnóticos y una batería que invita al trance, logran representar los estados intermedios en los cuales está inmerso cualquier ser en esta realidad. ENGLISH: This bass & drum setup from Mexico is a sonic powerhouse.

Skullord (Brazil)
Influenced by bands such Black Sabbath, Pentagram, Saint Vitus, Antonius Rex, Paul Chain, Tony Tears and Abysmal Grief.

Bad Investments (USA)
Bad Investments are a Noise Rock two piece from Columbia, Missouri.

MOUSE (South Africa)
MOUSE is a high energy, fuzzy, noise rock two piece band who hail from the heat city. Cosmic voltage from Durban.

Taekwondo Sleepover (South Africa)
The Bag man and Weld guy are also part of the noise scene in Durban. How does anyone get any sleep down there?

Resin Witch (Canada)
Canada is making a strong (and heavy) appearance on this comp.

Vanta (Hungary)
Hungarian high school buddies on a mission to combine metal with stoner and sludge. Vanta has been destroying eardrums since early 2017. Only a song this heavy can anchor a comp this heavy.

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